LeCroy demos 100GHz real time bandwidth scope, tapes out InP chip

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In a demonstration at its Californian research facility,Teledyne LeCroy successfully acquired and displayed live signals with a bandwidth of 100GHz at 240Gsample/s. It claims the demonstration 'dramatically exceeds' currently available capabilities.

"Reaching 100GHz real time oscilloscope performance is one of many industry milestones achieved by Teledyne LeCroy," said Tom Reslewic, chief executive officer of Teledyne environmental and electronic measurement instrumentation. "It reveals new phenomena, opens channels for new discoveries and paves the way for vast improvements in the field of high speed measurement." Teledyne LeCroy and Teledyne Scientific have also completed the design of an indium phosphide chip and have released the design for fabrication at Teledyne Scientific's InP foundry. The chip is the first device in what is said to be an 'expansive' chip set planned for future generations of high speed oscilloscopes. Robert Mehrabian, Teledyne's president and ceo, added: "Releasing the new InP chip on the same day illustrates the breadth of our technology expertise and our commitment to taking high performance oscilloscopes to the next level."