Lanner Electronics and Hailo collaborate on PCIe accelerator cards

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Lanner Electronics, a designer and manufacturer of intelligent edge computing appliances, has announced its first Hailo-8AI-powered PCIe accelerator card, the Falcon H8.

Lanner collaborated with AI chipmaker Hailo in the design of the Falcon H8, enabling scalable and powerful intelligent video analytics applications for industries operating at the edge, including intelligent transport systems (ITS), smart cities, smart retail, and Industry 4.0.

The Falcon H8 is said to be among the most cost-efficient PCIe AI accelerator cards currently on the market, with a low power consumption while delivering 156 tera operations per second (TOPS) to allow high-end deep learning applications on edge servers.

The Falcon H8’s modular, PCIe FHHL form factor provides a compact and an easy to deploy solution for engineers looking to offload CPU loading for low-latency deep learning inference.

With high-density AI processors, the Falcon H8 is able to accommodate 4, 5, or 6 Hailo-8 AI processors, offering a modular and cost-effective Edge AI solution with high processing capabilities and power efficiency. Through a standard PCIe interface, it enables legacy devices such as NVRs, Edge AI boxes, Industrial PCs and robots to run video-intensive, mission-critical Edge AI applications such as video analytics, traffic management, access control, and beyond.

The Falcon H8 delivers inference processing of over 15,000 Frames Per Second (FPS) for MobileNet-v2 and 8,000 FPS for ResNet-50 and its performance is claimed to be up to 4x more cost effective (TOPS/$) and 2x more power efficient (TOPS/W) compared to GPU-based solutions.

Commenting Jeans Tseng, CTO of Lanner Electronics, said, "Our expertise in creating high-density hardware platforms, combined with Hailo's state-of-the-art neural chip and software framework, provides service providers and system integrators a best-in-class AI accelerator that enables running deep learning applications most efficiently with the lowest total cost of ownership."

"The integration of Lanner's Falcon H8 and the Hailo-8’s AI performance at the edge provides a solution that is more powerful, scalable, and cost-effective than many other solutions," said Orr Danon, CEO and Co-Founder of Hailo. "Our collaboration with Lanner will better power edge devices across industries, including transportation, smart cities, smart retail, industrial IoT, and more."