Infineon further extends its edge AI capabilities

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Infineon Technologies has teamed up with Edge Impulse to extend its Tiny Machine Learning-based AI development tools for the PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE microcontroller (MCU).

Developers of AI-enabled IoT applications will now also be able to build edge Machine Learning (ML) applications using the Edge Impulse Studio environment for deployment on high-performance, low-power PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE MCUs.

This collaboration provides customers with added flexibility and choice-of-platforms to natively develop and configure ML applications for systems based on PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE MCU devices, which provide 150-MHz Arm CPU performance with low-power connectivity and a rich suite of peripheral options.

For example, the CY8CKIT-062-BLE Pioneer Kit coupled with the E-Ink Display Shield Board (CY8CKIT-028-EPD) incorporates an inertial measurement unit, microphone, and temperature sensor. This supports applications that collect real-world sensor data for processing by Tiny Machine Learning-based AI models in systems optimised for low-power, low-cloud-cost edge IoT environments.

Infineon’s PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE MCU devices feature a dual-core Arm Cortex-M4F and Arm Cortex-M0+ chip architecture, Bluetooth LE 5.2, configurable voltage and frequency settings, built-in hardware-based security and state-of-the-art capacitive interfaces on a single chip. As the only 150 MHz Bluetooth LE MCU on the market, this variant of the Infineon PSoC device family is a powerful combination of power efficiency, size, and programmability making it suited for edge IoT applications that benefit from the ability to run advanced ML algorithms.

Edge Impulse’s products streamline the entire process of collecting and structuring data sets, designing algorithms with pre-built building blocks, validating the models with real-time data, and deploying the fully optimised production-ready results to edge targets such as the PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE MCU.

“By collaborating with Edge Impulse on the PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE MCU, Infineon customers can bring their solutions faster to market for embedded AI/ML use cases. Infineon is committed to enable our customers to develop their own AI/ML models or use a model out of suite of predefined models available from Infineon or our valuable partners,” said Shantanu Bhalerao, Vice President of the Bluetooth Product Line at Infineon.

“With its advanced processing capabilities and low power consumption, the PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE MCU is an ideal vehicle for the next generation of edge devices, from wearables to industrial monitoring,” said Zach Shelby, CEO and co-founder of Edge Impulse. “Matched with the Edge Impulse platform, embedded developers can more quickly develop and deploy powerful solutions for an exciting range of edge ML applications.”