Infineon and Rainforest Connection create monitoring system to detect wildfires

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Infineon Technologies has announced that it is collaborating with the Rainforest Connection (RFCx), a non-profit organisation that uses acoustic technology, Big Data and AI to monitor biodiversity.

The collaboration is to explore the use of Infineon’s gas sensing technologies to elevate and expand upon the capabilities of RFCx's current acoustic listening devices used to monitor and protect vulnerable rainforest ecosystems. This includes monitoring primates, birds, frogs, insects, bats and other organisms, and protecting against threats ranging from illegal logging to forest fires.

“Infineon will enable us to better track rainforest ecosystems in various locations regardless of weather conditions and environmental concerns,” said Topher White, CEO and Founder, Rainforest Connection. “Our mission is to develop and leverage conservation technology to empower our partners and protect threatened ecosystems. With this new technology partnership with Infineon, we will be able to bring new levels of technology to help protect the rainforests.”

RFCx’s scalable, real-time monitoring system protects and studies remote ecosystems through an approach using acoustic sensors - which will soon include Infineon’s gas sensing technologies at select locations - and AI / Machine Learning to enable partners on the ground to take action.

Additional monitoring of the ecosystem soundscape at select locations using gas sensors will allow RFCx to detect fires in real-time, along with other potential threats. The platform streams data within the natural and remote regions of the world to local partners on the ground which may soon include local fire authorities.