Infineon and Memfault look to improve IoT development and in-field iteration

1 min read

Memfault, a provider of an IoT reliability platform, and Infineon have announced a partnership to extend the productivity of developers using Infineon products with the ModusToolbox.

The partnership looks to offer developers working on Infineon ARM-based microprocessors the diagnostic capabilities, device observability, and remote updating of the Memfault platform.

Memfault has joined the ModusToolbox ecosystem though its ModusToolbox & Friends programme, which extends the productivity and feature-rich platform with product-ready partner software to developers using Infineon products, including the PSoC 6 series, which is intended for secure, low-power feature-rich IoT products.

OEMs building products on Infineon MCUs will have access to Memfault’s collaborative platform to ship products faster and fix problems more quickly with in-field maintenance capabilities.

Using Memfault through Infineon, support, operations, and product staff will be able to gain remote visibility into embedded device metrics and performance; engineers will gain debugging information remotely without user interaction, RMA of devices or going on-site; and release managers can orchestrate complex over-the-air (OTA) updating of firmware in an organized and controlled manner.

“Combining Infineon’s Microcontroller and Connectivity portfolio and Memfault’s strength in reliability engineering for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE, connected devices, as well as its customers in complementary verticals like wearables, smart home and building, medical devices, and IIoT made it an easy choice to partner,” said Danny Watson, Director Software Product Management, Infineon.

“With ModusToolbox, Infineon has built a sophisticated platform which lays the ground for a vibrant ecosystem to develop,” said François Baldassari, CEO, Memfault. “We are pleased to join the ModuxToolbox & Friends development programme to help grow this ecosystem and give Infineon customers access to our cloud-first IoT reliability platform.”

Integrating and deploying Memfault with Infineon uses drop-in integration support that requires just minutes for setup. Users receive up to 100 devices free of charge. Infineon and Memfault deliver integration documentation and support for the ModusToolbox which includes Infineon’s PSoC 6 series such as the PSoC 62 MCU on the CY8CKIT-062S2-43012.