Infineon and Amber announce alliance

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Infineon Technologies and Amber Solutions have formed an alliance covering a range of silicon opportunities anchored around Amber’s digital control of electricity with embedded intelligence.

The collaboration includes two main tracks both of which are starting this year. The first focuses on upgrading the power management architecture in specific product categories, like smart circuit breakers, light switches, outlets, and others, to Amber and Infineon silicon-based solutions. These categories will benefit from Amber’s intelligent, dynamic power management in a small silicon chip in combination with Infineon’s power switch and control technologies, which are suited for these applications.

The second track will explore the integration of some of Amber’s proprietary architecture with certain Infineon product roadmaps.

“Our alliance with Infineon is a strategic inflection point for Amber in the transformation and upgrade of every electrical end-point in all residential and commercial buildings to a modern silicon architecture with embedded intelligence,” said Thar Casey Amber Solution CEO. “Infineon’s market footprint, technology portfolio and customer base as one of the largest silicon providers in power, sensor systems, connected secure systems, industrial power control and more, makes this alliance quite compelling for accelerating the opportunity for solid-state electrification.”

Amber’s digital control of electricity in a fully silicon-based architecture has dramatically enhanced the reliability, performance, power delivery capabilities, and embedded intelligence possibilities in circuit breakers, wall plugs, switches, and other electrical products. By replacing traditional bulky and expensive magnetic and mechanical components, the company's solution frees up cost and significant amounts of space, which is strictly constrained in many of these applications by standard form factors.

Utilizing technology from Infineon, Amber’s solutions are very different from the traditional bulky, standard electro-mechanical power solutions. Not only are Amber’s solutions more robust and reliable, they have the capability of adding features together in universal form-factors such as: connectivity, intelligence, remote control and sensing.

Amber’s patented technology cover two main core technologies:

• Amber AC / DC Enabler: Amber's AC/DC Enabler is a novel topology for AC/DC conversion that does not require magnetics or high voltage electrolytic capacitors and is capable of producing a regulated low noise DC output up to 5 watts of power.

• Amber Indestructible AC Switch: This AC Switch is a power scalable and input voltage independent switch, built using Infineon’s microcontroller and MOSFETs configured in a proprietary architecture it is fully protected from inductive, short circuit, capacitive over-current, surge and over temperature conditions. This architecture is said to be 'very conducive' to a vast array of AC mains product applications.

“This alliance between Infineon and Amber is a next level example that the solid-state transformation of our electrical products and infrastructure is at hand. The implications are significant and can help support current and emerging applications in the commercial and residential markets, which continue to evolve with connectivity as a foundation for the future,” said Elizabeth Parks, President of consultants and market research company, Parks Associate.