Amber Solutions AC Direct DC Enabler Demo Kit now available

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Amber Solutions, a company that's developing the digital control of electricity through solid-state architecture, has said that its AC Direct DC Enabler is now available as a demo kit for technical evaluation.

The Amber AC direct power system enables DC extraction directly from AC Mains without the use of transformers, rectifiers, or filtering and eliminates many of the old-tech electromechanical components that are still standard today.

This will enable a dramatically smaller size footprint, while simultaneously delivering a much more dynamic, configurable power delivery capability and will, according to the company, enable manufacturers and semiconductor companies to reinvent how electricity is leveraged, designed and feature-scoped in all electrical products.

“Our success in integrating Amber’s patented technologies into next generation products will change how the world manages electricity and powers daily life,” Thar Casey, the company's founder, said. “We are making our patented AC Direct DC Enabler available for testing by major global manufacturers and product designers who are eager to innovate and launch powerful new electrical devices and products based on our revolutionary architecture. Our efforts across a range of technology demo kits brings the vision of a new standard for silicon-based digital control of electricity a major step closer to market availability.”

The new AC Direct DC Enabler evaluation platform, now available in a pre-production discrete board format, allows manufacturers to experience and understand the capabilities and functions of Amber’s Enabler in a final commercial ready silicon chip format that is scheduled for release early 2023 or sooner.

The Amber AC Direct DC Enabler allows manufacturers to add modern intelligence and enhanced functionality to new and existing products using much smaller silicon chips to manage and deliver DC power.

Using a single silicon chip, this power delivery system is able to provide increased reliability and dramatically smaller size than today’s standard AC /DC power converters.

With embedded intelligence for digital management of electricity, Amber’s AC Direct DC Enabler provides a dynamic and configurable DC delivery range and broad AC input range, offering global compatibility in a single SKU.

Additionally, the silicon architecture simplifies integration into products and lowers manufacturing touch costs by eliminating up to 50 percent of the components in standard analogue power converters.

“We discovered a way the physics of electricity can be managed digitally through silicon chips, which changes everything for how all electrical products and even silicon chip solutions are designed,” Casey added. “Digitizing the AC sinewave is a profound breakthrough for building products because we can now use software and algorithms in a silicon chip to control every aspect of electricity. By enabling an exponential increase in features and value that doesn’t require changes to form factors like single gang boxes or retrofit circuit breakers, Amber’s innovative evolution of modern silicon technologies will spark a revolution in how the world manages and uses electrical power, the world’s most important 21st century commodity.”