Imagination set to roll out new 32 and 64bit MIPS cpu cores

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Imagination Technologies is updating the MIPS Aptiv core range and unveiling a new generation of 32bit and 64bit MIPS cpus later this year. The Series5 generation of cores, codenamed Warrior, will see new architectural features and 'best in class performance and efficiency' for a range of applications.

Hossein Yassaie, pictured, Imagination's ceo, said: "We have an outstanding range of cores available today and that will be complemented by our forthcoming 'Warrior' cores, which will provide levels of performance, efficiency and functionality that go beyond other offerings in the market." The Aptiv core range has been expanded with the addition of a small footprint single core version to the interAptiv family and a floating point version to the microAptiv family. The single core version of interAptiv sees the removal of the extra logic supporting multicore coherency and the L2 cache controller. Meanwhile, MIPS Warrior cores will include 32bit and 64bit variants, with a focus on higher performance efficiency across the range. With binary compatibility, the cores will offer: hardware virtualisation; multithreading; a scalable security framework; and the MIPS SIMD architecture. There will also be a consistent toolchain across the series. Yassaie added: "We are creating a solution that a range of customers can benefit from and commit to for the long term, across applications ranging from tiny embedded devices to 64bit many core products." Since completing the MIPS acquisition earlier in 2013, Imagination has integrated the cpu engineering teams from the two companies and is making what it calls 'significant investments' in tools, compilers, debuggers, operating systems and software.