Imagination adds ‘game changing’ 64bit core to MIPS Warrior family

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In a move which it says will 'change the game' for CPUs, Imagination Technologies has launched the MIPS Warrior I-class I6400 CPU family. According to the company, the CPU family includes the first IP cores to combine a 64bit architecture and hardware virtualisation with scalable performance through multithreading, multicore and multicluster coherent processing.

Tony King-Smith, pictured, Imagination's executive vp of marketing, said: "This is the MIPS Warrior core that many have been waiting for. As the industry moves toward instruction set neutrality, customers can now choose a CPU based on its technical superiority. The I6400 is more efficient, flexible and scalable than the competition and its feature set clearly lends itself to the needs of a wide range of next generation applications including smartphones and tablets." MIPS Warrior I-class processor cores are said to set a new standard for mainstream 64bit processing in a range of applications and the company suggests the family can scale from smartphones to data centres. Multithreading technology supports up to four hardware threads per core, enabling higher utilisation and CPU efficiency. Preliminary benchmarking using SPECint and CoreMark is said to show that adding a second thread leads to performance increases of up to 50%. The I6400 also features 128bit SIMD support for a variety of integer (8, 16, 32 and 64bit) and floating point (32 and 64bit) data types. King-Smith added: "We know that features like multithreading provide significant advantages for many applications and customers already using this technology agree. Unsurprisingly, we've already secured licensees for the I6400 across multiple markets."