Green Hills Software expands advanced development tools

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Green Hills Software has unveiled new capabilities that increase the productivity of developers creating safety-sensitive automotive software when they use the MULTI IDE and Green Hills Probe for the Infineon TRAVEO II processor.

The features enable software teams to reduce the time-to-production while increasing software quality and safety in millions of cars worldwide.

The MULTI IDE offers a multicore debugger, ASIL D-certified optimising C/C++ compilers and run-time libraries, MISRA C Adherence Checking, and performance analysis tools.

The Green Hills Probe provides MULTI high-speed JTAG and trace connections to pre-silicon and silicon platforms, supporting thousands of processors, including processors based on Arm and other architectures.

These combined tools are used by thousands of customers on systems running the AUTOSAR, Linux, INTEGRITY and µ-velOSity operating systems or running bare-board with no operating system.

The combined solution of Infineon TRAVEO II and Green Hills development tools is now able to offer customers new safety and productivity features including:

  • Debug Through Sleep – By leveraging special power modes on the TRAVEO II processor, MULTI and the Green Hills Probe enable developers to debug and test code through the processor’s hibernate mode cycle, instead of requiring them to disconnect the debugging session. This feature greatly reduces the time and effort to debug and test critical code.
  • Breakpoints in Flash – This feature allows developers to set an unlimited number of breakpoints when debugging code running in flash memory. Removing breakpoint limits greatly increases software developers’ productivity.

The TRAVEO II family is designed for emerging body electronics platforms and combines a single Arm Cortex-M4F and two Cortex-M7F for increased performance.

The TRAVEO II family has safety features, including ECC for memory, power supply voltage and clock monitors, watchdogs, and self-test libraries. TRAVEO II devices also include advanced security features, including the introduction of an HSM (hardware security module), dedicated Cortex-M0+ for secure processing, and embedded flash in dual bank mode for FOTA requirements. Traveo II features six power modes that enable ECUs to minimise overall power consumption.