Green Hills' INTEGRITY now supports RISC-V architecture

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Green Hills Software, the embedded safety and security specialist, has announced the availability of its safety and security-critical INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS) for RISC-V.

For manufacturers it will now be possible to build and deploy safety and security-critical, high performant RISC-V systems with the same trusted software foundation that runs and protects critical systems in cars, aircraft, trains, secure phones, and surgical devices.

INTEGRITY is integrated with RISC-V processor solutions including hardware reference boards from Microchip and SiFive, along with processor intellectual property (IP) from SiFive, a RISC-V IP provider. This support provides a path to enable device manufacturers to reduce the time, cost and complexity of developing and deploying critical software for automotive, military, IoT and industrial solutions based on the new RISC-V processor architecture.

INTEGRITY and its advanced MULTI integrated development environment solve three important challenges facing software development teams who look to utilise RISC-V SoCs:

● Safety and Security – INTEGRITY is based on a separation kernel architecture that provides resource guarantees, hard real-time determinism and was designed from the beginning to achieve maximum security and safety.
● Powerful Debugging – The MULTI debugger with its advanced C/C++ compilers and analysis tools is purpose-built to find difficult bugs on complex RISC-V SoCs comprised of multiple heterogeneous cores where the RISC-V core is either the main general-purpose CPU or a secondary special-purpose acceleration core alongside a CPU, such as an Arm core.
● Production-Ready – Supports the development of production-ready systems on RISC-V reference boards in order to meet production requirements for performance, memory efficiency and functional safety (FuSa) through use of Green Hills INTEGRITY and MULTI solutions with their certifications of functional safety for automotive (ISO 26262), industrial systems (IEC 61508) and railway (EN 50128).

This INTEGRITY support adds to the existing range of Green Hills products that are optimised for RISC-V and which are already being used customers. It forms a complete portfolio of mature software development solutions for RISC-V, including:

● INTEGRITY RTOS – Safe and secure separation kernel for multicore embedded systems.
● µ-velOSity RTOS – Small and fast for deeply embedded use.
● MULTI IDE – Integrated C and C++ development environment for advanced multicore debugging with support for custom RISC-V instructions, delivering tools functional safety qualification and C/C++ runtime library certification at the highest safety levels for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508.
● Green Hills Probe v4 – For multicore hardware bring-up, low-level debugging, and trace-powered analysis tools.
● Services to help customers achieve the required level of safety, security and performance while enabling the highest possible developer productivity.