Full colour micro-led based true AR glasses

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USound, a provider of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) loudspeakers for hearables and wearables, has been working with the Indian company Focally in the development of the first generation of their Universe AR Glasses.

The Universe AR glasses prototype by Focally have been developed to explore next-generation assistive AR applications such as AR navigation, geo-location-based applications, streaming videos and audio, Geo-location-based gaming, and AI applications. These new smart glasses showcase the essential elements required for true AR wearable devices with an optical architecture, powerful sound system, and real-time sensing capabilities integrated into an ergonomic and compact eyewear device.

This first generation features fully transparent see-through waveguide with 30-degree FOV combined with, what is said to be, the world's smallest and brightest micro-Led full-colour display engine. The glasses integrate USound's patented two-way audio system with MEMS tweeter and electrodynamic woofers, and dual microphones for noise cancellation and spatial audio.

This version of the device showcases an innovative compute architecture that can perform on-board real-time sensing from sensors including accelerometers, gyroscope, magnetometer, environmental, gas composition and IR and then wirelessly perform application specific compute on other platforms such as smartphones to reduce power consumption.

Focally is already working on its second-generation prototype with vision capabilities and advanced compute capabilities. An optimised computer platform will be launched for both developers and early enthusiasts later in 2023.

Compared to rival speakers used in earphones, TWS, headphones, smartphones, VR/AR glasses, wearables, and hearing aids, USound MEMS loudspeakers require up to 50% less space and consume 80% less energy and offer a greater frequency range per unit of area.

“Once more, it is demonstrated how our compact MEMS speakers-based audio solutions enable manufacturers to add more features to hearables and wearables for an improved user experience,” said Andrea Rusconi, CTO, and Co-Founder of USound.