Free skills bootcamps in electronics make a return

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At the end of 2023, Tech Lancaster announced the launch of another round of its free 12-week Skills Bootcamps in Electronics & Electech across England as part of the UK Government’s Skills for Life programme.

Following on from a number of regional pilots to help more people get jobs in the electronics/electech sector, Tech Lancaster has launched another round of Skills Bootcamps which are available for free to all ages 19+, helping upskill or reskill people into tech jobs across the entire country.

Enrolment is currently open and closes in January.

The “blended'' 12-week course includes self-paced online learning, virtual webinars and in-person workshops in key locations across England. Participants will learn electronics/electech basics, gain confidence building electronic circuits (including Arduino) and develop circuit board (PCB) workmanship skills and will gain globally recognised IPC certifications used in the electronics industry worldwide. No previous experience in electronics is necessary, just an enthusiastic approach with good technical or practical aptitude.

At the completion of the course, participants are offered a guaranteed interview from a regional electech industry employer. As part of the UK Government Skills for Life programme, the course is entirely free to participants both in and out of work aged 19 and over. For more details and apply follow the link below.

Nicola Mortimer, Programme Lead said, “It’s very exciting to be rolling out further skill bootcamps across England in 2024. We have so far managed to upskill and reskill many hundreds of people, placing many into new secure long-term roles in the electech and electronics sector and we hope in 2024 to continue our success.”

Initially founded in Lancashire by its regional electronics industry, Tech Lancaster helps its participants connect with job opportunities, but it also helps connect employers with talented individuals free of charge. If you are an employer in the electech/electronics sector across the UK who is looking to recruit newly skilled staff from Tech Lancaster bootcamps please get in touch via the website.

Tech Lancaster was formed by a coalition of industry professionals and its blended online and in-person skills bootcamps have had a huge impact on the skills shortages this high-tech industry is experiencing around the UK.

The Electech Skills Bootcamp is designed to equip individuals with the essential knowledge, hands-on experience and IPC certification to thrive in the dynamic field of Electronics so they can hit the ground running in a potential new role.

The next cohort begins on the 8th of January 2024 and is open for everyone in England to take part aged 19 and over.

No previous experience or qualifications are required – just a technical aptitude and willingness to learn. Both practical and theoretical electech and electronics skills will be developed by participants.

Key Features of the Skills Bootcamp:

Hands-on Learning: Participants will engage in a full week of practical learning to build skills in soldering and circuit boards assembly and earn a globally-recognised IPC certification.

Expert Instructors and Industry Mentors: Our team of experienced instructors and mentors, who are industry experts, will guide participants throughout the Bootcamp on online workshops and hands-on practical classes.

Cutting-edge Curriculum: The curriculum is meticulously curated to cover a wide range of hot topics, including circuit design/building, microcontrollers/Arduino, breadboards, soldering, and other areas not commonly covered in traditional education.

Industry Insights: Guest lectures and industry partnerships will provide participants with into current trends and future developments in the electronics/electech sector.

Employability Sessions: Participants will have the chance to connect with professionals and mentors to guide them into the industry through networking, CV skills development, interview skills and much more!

Guaranteed Interview on Completion: On completion of our free training course, our participants will be skill-ready for employment opportunities such as electronics production operatives, electronics technicians and electronics design engineers. An interview with a regional employer will be offered to participants upon course completion.

Location: All around England. Workshop centres in Lancaster, Preston, Blackburn, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton, Reading and Southampton.

Fee: Completely free!