Flex Logix expands embedded FPGA customer base

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Flex Logix Technologies, a supplier of embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP, has announced that it now has 20 worldwide customers that have licensed the company’s advanced EFLX eFPGA technology architecture for 40 chips.

More than 25 chips have been successfully fabricated in silicon using EFLX eFPGA with many more in design. Leading (disclosed) customers include the likes of Renesas, Datung and Boeing.

“Our customers are worldwide – in the U.S., Japan, Europe, Israel, and China,” said Geoff Tate, Flex Logix co-founder and CEO. “Flex Logix’s partners are leveraging our eFPGA technology in a wide range of applications, using multiple foundries on nodes from 180nm down to 7nm, with customer evaluations ongoing for 5nm and 3nm as well.”

“FPGAs today are mainstream, used in high volume across many applications,” said Andy Jaros, VP of Sales at Flex Logix. “Our customers are taking advantage of the unique benefits of embedded FPGA technology to cut the size, cost, and power of FPGAs through integration into their SoCs or processors. Customers who have never used FPGAs are now aggressively adding eFPGA to give their chips the flexibility to adapt to changing standards, changing algorithms, and to enable customers to customize the chips for their proprietary solutions.”