Faraday unveils FPGA-Go-ASIC prototyping platform

1 min read

Faraday Technology, an ASIC design service and IP provider, has unveiled the FPGA-Go-ASIC prototyping platform solution.

This solution consists of Faraday’s SoCreative! SoC platforms and optional FPGA prototyping platforms and is intended to provide customers with a quick entry into the circuit development and system verification.

Combined with its comprehensive FPGA-Go-ASIC service, Faraday is able to help customers enhance chip performance and also develop products more rapidly and cost-effectively.

By leveraging its IP expertise and its in-house IP variety, Faraday pre-integrated and verified the essential IPs required for most SoCs into this prototyping platform, enabling customers to shorten the hardware verification/debugging and software development time.

The new platform features Arm Cortex-A/M CPU, PCIe, LVDS, DDR, various silicon-proven high speed interface IPs, system peripheral IPs, and software solutions including OS and drivers; customers will be able to easily integrate their own circuit designs into the FPGA prototyping platform and connect the SoC prototyping platform via the PCIe interface for whole system verification.

“Faraday’s FPGA-Go-ASIC prototyping platform allows customers to reduce the barriers to FPGA conversions,” said Flash Lin, chief operating officer of Faraday. “Faraday’s FPGA-Go-ASIC service has successfully been used on several projects. With the deployment of this platform, we provide additional value to FPGA-to-ASIC customers to accelerate the FPGA-to-ASIC conversion process seamlessly across various applications.”