EnSilica signs strategic partnership agreement with IndesmaTech

EnSilica, a chip maker of mixed signal ASICs, has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the Danish design consultancy and custom module developer IndesmaTech.

The companies will collaborate to develop bespoke chips, modules and systems and will target IndesmaTech’s client roster across northern Europe, including throughout Germany, the UK and Scandinavia.

“The partnership helps us lower the cost of entry to companies considering taking an ASIC approach either for improved product performance or to protect the supply chain,” said Peter Jeuter, EnSilica’s VP of sales.

“The ASIC market is traditionally split into two, with either very niche engineering teams seeking to create or break into a new market, or those who are already very established, this deal and the experience of the team at IndesmaTech should help make ASICs more accessible to a greater number of companies in between.”