Primax Electronics, a manufacturer of Human Machine Interface devices, has selected the Atmosic Technologies ATM2 series Bluetooth 5 system-on-chips (SoCs) for their TKB Series product line.

These wireless, ultra-low power tablet keyboards have packed wireless charging technology into a water/dustproof and chemical resistant design.

The eco-friendly keyboard design is fully washable and allows users to clean them with soapy water or sanitizer to reduce germs and bacteria.

Atmosic’s solutions look to leverage the company’s Lowest Power Radio and On-demand Wake Up technologies to provide the lowest possible power consumption for BLE applications.

Atmosic’s portfolio includes the ATM3 series which integrates Controlled Energy Harvesting technology to extend battery life and even enable devices to operate without any batteries, providing a tangible benefit by reducing the number of batteries that may end up in landfills.

The company's Controlled Energy Harvesting technology is able to capture energy from a variety of sources, including ambient photovoltaic (light), radio frequency (RF), thermal, and mechanical (motion) sources.

“Atmosic’s extremely low power solutions, combined with its unique energy harvesting technology, will help reduce or eliminate the use of batteries for many of our HID devices,” said Gril Tsai, Sr. Manager of Primax. “This partnership not only enhances our green initiatives but also reduces the cost Primax typically incurs in our bill-of-materials and through the shipping of heavy batteries within our products.”

“By working with electronics manufacturers like Primax, we’re able to help reduce the industry’s reliance on batteries for all sorts of consumer and industrial applications,” said Srinivas Pattamatta, VP of marketing & business development for Atmosic Technologies.

“Atmosic’s On-demand Wake Up and Lowest Power Radio technologies deliver unparalleled power consumption in the ATM2 series products. Combined with Controlled Energy Harvesting in our ATM3 series, these technologies will usher in a new generation of HIDs with extended battery life – and in some cases, HIDs that don’t require batteries at all.”

Primax and Atmosic will exhibit examples of advanced keyboard designs for desktop and tablet computers at the upcoming CES 2022 show in Las Vegas.