Evaluation Kit supports OTA wireless power transfer solutions

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Energous, a developer of RF-based charging solutions for wireless power networks, and Atmosic Technologies, a specialist in energy harvesting wireless platforms, have released the Wirelessly-Charged Sensor Evaluation Kit.

The kit features Atmosic’s ATM3 energy harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy System-on-Chip (SoC) solution and Energous’ FCC-certified 1W WattUp PowerBridge transmitter. Both are members of the AirFuel Alliance and the evaluation kit further expands their ongoing partnership showcasing the interoperability in the delivery of an out-of-the-box battery-free sensor solution.

“As the size of the IoT ecosystem continues to rapidly expand, providing these billions of devices with reliable wireless power is critical,” said Cesar Johnston, CEO of Energous. “This evaluation kit will provide our customers with the fundamental building blocks that can be implemented and customised to create WattUp wireless power networks and support the customer specific application needs.”

As the IoT ecosystem continues to expand billions of devices will be fuelled by batteries that require replacement or are powered by cumbersome charging cables and cords that both present logistical problems and hidden costs to IT teams in any large-scale IoT deployment.

The evaluation kit aims to help solve these challenges with a wireless IoT sensor network solution that never needs a battery replacement. The kit features two Bluetooth LE radio frequency (RF) harvesting sensor modules which transmit real-time temperature, humidity, and acceleration readings to the Energous WattUp Application while operating from energy harvested at distances of 2 metres from the WattUp transmitter making this solution suitable for applications including industrial IoT, healthcare, and retail operations.

“Together with Energous, we are developing and offering solutions that alleviate the battery maintenance concerns and implementation cost that holds back many of the advanced IoT deployments needed by companies today,” said David Su, CEO of Atmosic Technologies. “The combination of our BLE with power harvesting capabilities and Energous’ FCC-certified 1W transmitter will open up over-the-air wireless power transfer for a variety of our customers’ IoT applications.”

Included in the Wirelessly-Charged Sensor Evaluation Kit:

  • Energous 1W WattUp Transmitter
  • Atmosic Energy Harvesting Sensor Modules
  • Mobile Application for Sensor Monitoring and Transmitter Control

The Wirelessly-Charged Sensor Evaluation Kit will be available from both Atmosic and Energous in Q2 2022.