eCADSTAR release 2023 improves user experience and productivity

1 min read

Zuken has announced the 2023 release of eCADSTAR, its next generation PCB design system for small and medium businesses.

This latest release comes with a host of improvements and extensions ranging from enhanced parts and net editing functionality, extended analysis capabilities for signal, power, and EMI, all the way through to new variant handling capabilities for distributed manufacturing.

The improvements of eCADSTAR’s parts and net editing functionality include the ability of locking library parts in eCADSTAR’s Library Editor to prevent other users concurrently working on a design from modifying a parts or shared PIN assignments. Hyperlinks added to parts descriptions in the library provide direct access to datasheets from eCADSTAR’s PCB Editor, and a new Net/Bus Label tool enables the naming of multiple nets in one single operation. 

The resolution of power integrity (PI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues detected in eCADSTAR’s integrated simulation tools is now supported by a new Layout Viewer that enables the visualisation of identified errors directly in the PCB layout.

In addition, the visualisation of simulation results has been enhanced with extended pan and zoom functionality and the ability to add text annotations to waveform results.

Enhancements on the manufacturing side comprise the ability to add variant text in PCB design that allows the definition of variants for different manufacturing sites (for example Europe, USA, and UK) within a master design. Automated batch exports of manufacturing data (photo, drill, OCB++, IPC-2581, IPC_D_356A and PDF) can be set up in user friendly way through an enhanced scripting interface. 

eCADSTAR is available both in permanent and time-based licensing options in a broad range of configurations to fit individual needs.