Dirac and CRI Middleware look to enhance sound experiences

1 min read

The digital audio specialist Dirac and CRI Middleware have entered into a distribution agreement to explore new applications of Dirac’s audio optimisation technology.

Building on a collaboration that started several years ago the two companies will build on CRI Middleware’s expertise working with developers in the gaming, automotive, mobile/PC and IoT industries to identify products that would benefit from the enhanced sound experiences enabled by Dirac solutions.

“Everywhere we look, there are products and platforms that can be enhanced through a higher degree of audio performance – be it gaming, Internet of Things, or even advanced driver-assistance systems,” said Peter Friedrichsen, CEO, Dirac. “Through this collaboration with CRI Middleware and its customer base in Japan, we’ll be able to deliver the audio technologies developers require to level-up their product performance and deliver meaningful upgrades to the overall customer experience.”

Dirac will be making available its room correction, speaker optimisation, and immersive audio technologies to CRI’s middleware platform under this new agreement. Dirac's solutions will then be accessible by CRI’s customer base of developers for easy integration into their end-user products and platforms.

“Dirac’s audio optimisation technology is the most impressive in the industry, used by leaders in the home theatre, mobile, and automotive spaces, among others,” stated Mr. Oshimi Masao,CEO, CRI Middleware. “By collaborating with Dirac, we’ll be able to provide our customers with vastly superior audio, which in turn will enable them to create better products through a richer, more immersive consumer experience.”

Dirac’s technology enhances audio for PCs, smartphones, headphones, automobiles, and home theatres and it has collaborated with a number of leading brands such as Fujitsu, ASUS, Klipsch, RHA, OPPO, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Harman.