Digi-Key stocking Blueshift RockeTape thermal insulation tapes

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Digi-Key Electronics is now offering a selection of RockeTape, powered by Blueshift, a structured air thermal insulation tape for the world’s hottest and coolest spots, through its Fulfilled by Digi-Key programme.

The RockeTape family of products leverages Blueshift’s patented AeroZero structured air polymeric aerogel technology to deliver a combination of low thermal conductivity and diffusivity. This line of thin and lightweight thermal insulation tape delivers peak performance in some of the most demanding applications on or off planet.

Its structured air aerogel composition delivers improved levels of thermal insulation performance and protection when compared to traditional polyimide film tape. With its thin flexible film and standardised narrow-width roll format, RockeTape can be applied onto sensitive devices and surfaces to provide protection from extreme temperature fluctuations and overheating.

Initial products in the RockeTape launch include:

  • AZS: AeroZero polyimide aerogel + Silicone Adhesive
  • GRS: AeroZero polyimide aerogel + Graphite + Silicone Adhesive
  • PIS: AeroZero polyimide aerogel + Polyimide + Silicone Adhesive

“Digi-Key Electronics is pleased to offer Blueshift’s RockeTape,” said Anissa Lauer, senior product manager at Digi-Key. “We are always looking for ways to bring the latest advancements of thermal insulation technology to our customers. Blueshift will help Digi-Key penetrate market segments that have a need for an insulative as well as a high temperature tape.”