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Cortus launches LOTUS family with two new RISC-V MCUs

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Cortus, the French fabless semiconductor manufacturing group, has launched two new RISC-V microcontrollers (MCUs).

These devices have been designed to simplify migration from existing MCUs with maximal software reuse to minimise development cost.

  • Lotus1: Low-cost consumer MCU with electric motor control
  • Lotus2: Automotive MCU for body and chassis control

The integration of the RISC-V solution into both products is becoming increasingly popular. RISC-V is an open-source standard Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) that combined with a strong software ecosystem provides more flexibility and customisation, while being able to support long-term evolution.

OEM manufacturers and automobile manufacturing companies require these kinds of MCUs for maintaining their own applications and for adding new features in the future.

Cortus microcontrollers offer designers of embedded systems and applications a balance between performance, power, security, total system cost and energy efficiency, while also providing a fully featured Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides full support through to the final product development stage.

Cortus Lotus1 is a microcontroller designed for battery powered consumer products combining value, low voltage operation (allowing the use of a single cell battery), ultra-low power consumption (allowing the chip to be permanently connected to the battery with programmed or use an externally triggered wakeup), with a powerful set of peripherals. It is a perfect economic solution for sensing and small motor control applications.

The Cortus Lotus2 is the first of a large family of Automotive MCUs covering a wide range of applications such as body electronics control, chassis control, infotainment connection module, HAVC, windows, door, sunroof management, powertrain, and motor control. It is compliant with ISO26262 ASIL-B and/or IEC 61508, AEC Q100/1 certifications.

Other members of the family will also be ISO26262 ASIL-D compliant with an Evita full HSM.