Avnet and AWS sign strategic collaboration agreement

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Avnet and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have signed a global collaboration agreement that will be focused on helping Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of IoT solutions accelerate their time to market.

This multi-year, joint investment will enable Avnet’s IoTConnect Platform to deliver AWS’ portfolio of services - creating a scalable, secure platform that preconfigures AWS’ services for application-specific usage.

Avnet’s IoTConnect Platform helps OEMs that are designing connected solutions overcome the pressures of time to market, scalability, reliability, and security.

For many OEMs they need to continue to invest in the resources that provide differentiated value and deliver the expertise to their markets but in adding cloud-connected experiences to their product offerings it can cause problems because IoT requires additional software, security, and cloud management skillsets. Having access to pre-integrated and abstracted capabilities that they can easily assemble and deploy can greatly accelerate their efforts and reduce overhead.

This strategic collaboration provides Avnet’s IoTConnect Platform with access to AWS’ portfolio of services, including IoT, machine learning, analytics, and compute services.

Avnet customers will also soon have access to an aggregated IoT development experience across AWS services, including AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Greengrass, FreeRTOS, AWS IoT Analytics, and AWS IoT SiteWise.

The collaboration between Avnet and AWS will benefit OEMs by providing: (a) Device provisioning, configuration and lifecycle management, (b) Multi-layer security, (c) Multi-protocol connectivity, (d) Integration of 3rd party services, API gateway, SDKs, (e) Business Intelligence (BI) with data monitoring, analytics and notifications, (f) Pre-built business applications. All of which will allow OEMs to focus on the development of features and applications and accelerate time to market.

Avnet’s IoTConnect Platform will provide advanced capabilities such as pre-integrated edge-to-cloud hardware designs and full lifecycle secure device and identity management. It will also provide OEMs with scalable full-stack solutions that include hardware agnostic edge designs, as well as tailored business applications and analytics.

All of these capabilities will be delivered through a single aggregated experience via Avnet’s IoTConnect Platform which enables OEMs, systems integrators, and software developers to secure, monetize and support end-customer solutions.

Commenting on the announcement Lou Lutostanski, Vice President of IoT, Avnet, said, “Our collaboration with AWS will help OEMs design, build, deploy and manage cloud connected devices, applications and solutions at scale.”