ASIC supply chain outsourcing development

Austrian sensor specialist ams has announced a further expansion of its Foundry Ecosystem in which it will work with Fraunhofer IIS and RoodMicrotec to provide IC development, assembly, test and qualification services.

According to the company, while ASICs have several advantages compared to discrete solutions, their development and deployment can be out of reach to a range of companies. The Foundry Ecosystem is said to lower the barrier for these companies.

ASIC will be designed by Fraunhofer IIS, with analogue and sensor wafer manufacturing technologies provided by ams. Assembly and test services, including test software and hardware development, can be provided by ams and RoodMicrotec, which will also offer product qualification and failure analysis services. In this way, says ams, customers can delegate the management of the entire ASIC supply chain to the Foundry Ecosystem.

“With our partners, competitive ASIC solutions are accessible to customers of all sizes, even though they may not yet have launched an ASIC,” said Markus Wuchse, general manager of ams’ Full Service Foundry division.