Arduino Pro expands its Portenta range for industrial customers

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Arduino PRO has continued to diversify its Portenta range with the launch of the Portenta H7 Lite board, extending an ecosystem that is intended to meet the needs of industrial customers.

In a move intended to support companies looking at Industry 4.0, Arduino launched the Portenta H7 last year. An industry-grade board it was designed to deliver a significant amount of computational power.

It is able to simultaneously run high-level code along with real-time tasks thanks to the dual-core STM32H747 which includes a Cortex M7 running at 480 MHz and a Cortex M4 running at 240 MHz - the two cores are able to communicate via a Remote Procedure Call mechanism that allows calling functions on the other processor seamlessly.

Arduino has now added an additional version of the board for developers who want to leverage the computational power of the Portenta H7, but don't need for video output, additional security features or connectivity.

The Portenta H7 Lite is a “light” and more targeted solution for AI applications and low-latency control projects, and is suitable for crowded radio environments or situations where connectivity is not necessary.

It’s intended for robotics controller systems and other machine operations that don’t require a high-resolution video interface, as it lacks the Portenta H7’s specific output feature.

Furthermore, compared to the full version, the Portenta H7 Lite includes one secure element rather than two.

The Portenta H7 Lite is now available.