Anritsu extends 6G research with Aalborg University

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Anritsu has announced that it is extending its 6G research activities that will now include new innovative research with Aalborg University in Denmark.

The company’s 6G research programme will look to develop techniques for channel sounding and communication channel sensing in new 6G frequency bands, including the millimetre-wave and sub-terahertz bands. According to Anritsu, this research will be enabled by using its Vector Network Analysers, which have specific features to enhance the measurement methods, along with antenna and measurement systems technology developed at Aalborg University.

As industry and standards organisations discuss and plan the frequencies and waveforms to be used in next-generation mobile communications (such as 6G, IMT-2030), detailed understanding of radio channel characteristics is going to be a key piece of information.

This research programme has been established to enable new techniques for high resolution and wide bandwidth radio channel characterisation, which will contribute to system modelling and performance evaluation for 6G technologies. Also, for candidate 6G technologies, the work will support the evaluation of ‘Joint Communications and Sensing’ techniques and waveforms that are currently being researched.

Jonathan Borrill, Head of Global Market Technology at Anritsu said,“We are very pleased to further extend our 6G research activities and to collaborate with Aalborg University. The university has a proven world-class capability and knowledge for channel sounding and OTA measurements, and we believe that this research programme will contribute world-leading results and test capabilities to the industry.”

Wei Fan, professor and leader of the “Wireless Propagation and Over the Air testing” research group with Aalborg University added, “Radio channel modelling is essential for design and development of 6G system and interfaces, which starts with reliable measurements of channels by using high-fidelity channel sounders. We are very happy to work with Anritsu, a world-leading radio frequency test instrument manufacturer, to develop state-of-the-art channel sounders for 6G communication and sensing systems in this project.”