Alif unveils IoT and AI-enabled Fusion processors and MCUs

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Alif Semiconductor, a supplier of secure, connected, AI-enabled microcontrollers (MCUs) and fusion processors, has launched the Ensemble and Crescendo product families.

The Ensemble and Crescendo families far intended to address the market need for scalable, genuinely power efficient devices that integrate AI/ML acceleration, multi-layered security, LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT connectivity, GNSS positioning, and sufficient integrated memory to enable the design of products, whether the processing is done locally or in the cloud.

The Ensemble family is built on the latest generation of embedded processing technology that scales from single Arm Cortex-M55 MCUs to a new class of multi-core devices — fusion processors — that blend up to two Cortex-M55 MCU cores, up to two Cortex-A32 microprocessors (MPU) cores capable of running high-level operating systems, and up to two Arm Ethos-U55 microNPUs for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) acceleration.

This family of devices contain an advanced secure enclave that provides multiple layers of security, such as device integrity protection, secure identity, strong root-of-trust, secure lifecycle management, and more. Together with large on-chip SRAM and non-volatile memory, accelerated graphics, imaging, and class-leading power characteristics, the Ensemble family is intended for smart home products, appliances, point-of sale, and robotics applications.

“We founded Alif Semiconductor because we wanted to provide an integrated next generation solution for developers that need efficient AI, wireless capabilities, trusted security and long battery life,” explained Syed Ali, Alif Semiconductor co-founder and CEO. “This just didn’t exist until now. We expect the Ensemble and Crescendo families will have a significant impact on the market for next-generation IoT devices.”

While the Crescendo family offers the same functionality as the Ensemble family, it adds LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT Cellular connectivity, optional iSIM for simplified subscriber management, integrated RF, power amplifiers, and a concurrent GNSS receiver for positioning, delivering the key capabilities that are required for next-generation smart city, connected infrastructure, asset tracking, healthcare devices, and wearables.

With these families Alif Semiconductor has also introduce its exclusive Autonomous Intelligent Power Management (aiPM) technology that allows fine-grained control of when resources in the chip are being powered. This technique produces low-power operation, enabling intelligent devices to last longer on smaller batteries.

Ensemble and Crescendo devices are sampling now to lead customers.