Advantech and Canonical collaborate on Ubuntu pre-loaded embedded solutions

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Advantech has collaborated with Canonical in providing Ubuntu pre-loaded and certified embedded boards and systems for diverse edge computing applications.

By certifying Advantech products, Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, guarantees up to 10 years of Linux security and update capabilities for users in the AI robotics, industrial manufacturing, and mission-critical application sectors.

The two companies have collaborated on the provision of Ubuntu certifications for deployment-ready IoT devices, so that users can save time when configuring/installing the OS on the hardware. Canonical performs tests that confirm industrial-grade standards for the Ubuntu running on the system. These tests also ensure that individual hardware I/O function normally. Once completed, Advantech will issue a comprehensive test report that reduces the hardware and OS validation procedure from ten days to one. Additionally, pre-installed services can save over 30 minutes in lead-time per device.

In order to prevent security breaches and maintain system functionality, AIoT developers are required to keep their devices up to date with the latest software. To address this, Canonical and Advantech have certified Ubuntu Core, a transactional version of Ubuntu designed for IoT devices and embedded systems that provides secure boot, full disk encryption, secure device recovery, and over-the-air, transactional software updates through a cloud-based CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment) service that helps to lower upgrade risks and reduces the need for on-site repair.

Canonical provides continuous regression testing for certified hardware throughout the Ubuntu release lifecycle. Doing so supports security updates for up to ten years with guaranteed backwards compatibility. Likewise, Advantech also provides a one-stop after-sales service for IoT devices and the Ubuntu OS backed by Canonical.

Finite programming resources are best invested in building applications, and not in handling OS development and maintenance procedures, so Advantech and Canonical have also simplified the developer workflow. For example, the DesignIn service will help accelerate customer hardware and software stack definitions. Similarly, Advantech provides IoT devices pre-loaded with a certified Ubuntu image, SUSI API, and WISE-DeviceOn to facilitate the simultaneous management of numerous devices.

These features deliver an out-of-the-box AIoT management software with over 200 IoT management apps from Ubuntu’s Snapcraft store.