5G RedCap/4G LTE dual-mode modem solution

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VeriSilico has collaborated with Innobase, a wireless communication technology and chip provider, to jointly launch a 5G RedCap/4G LTE dual-mode modem solution.

The chip powering this new modem solution by Innobase has been taped out and verified, and is now in mass production and will be officially released shortly.

5G Reduced Capability (RedCap) is an IoT-serving cellular technology defined by international standardisation organisation 3GPP in 5G Release 17. It is aimed at mid-to-high speed IoT applications, and together with 4G LTE forms a complete cellular IoT ecosystem.

The joint launch of the modem solution comes as part of a strategic partnership between VeriSilicon and Innobase that will allow VeriSilicon to further expand its portfolio of wireless communication IPs and offer customers both 4G and 5G modem IP solutions.

The two parties will also provide customers with a series of complete user equipment (UE) reference designs, covering critical components such as radio frequency (RF) transceivers and power management chipsets.

Lu Wenbo, Senior Vice President of Innobase, said, “Collaborating with VeriSilicon to fully leverage Innobase’s Yunbao Modem and VeriSilicon’s wireless connectivity technology, allows us to offer our customers leading IoT communication connectivity solutions. We have developed the world’s first commercially available IP that meets the 5G RedCap/4G LTE dual-mode communication standards and completed chip verification for mass production.

“It supports data and voice services of various application scenarios including RedCap communication modules, affordable 5G smart phones, wearables, Internet-connected smart vehicles, industrial IoT, video surveillance, and smart grids.”

“4G and 5G technologies are the mainstream mobile communication standards with long lifecycles and extensive application scenarios. Innobase has pioneered the launch and successful mass production of a 5G RedCap/4G LTE dual-mode modem chip, which demonstrates our robust R&D and product commercialisation capabilities,” added Wiseway Wang, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Custom Silicon Platform Division of VeriSilicon.

“By leveraging the advantages of the advanced 22nm FD-SOI process in terms of low power consumption and high RF performance, we can deliver all-in-one wireless system designs, supporting diverse technical standards and applications such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular IoT, and multi-mode satellite navigation and positioning. These solutions have been integrated into multiple customer SoCs with mass production.”