Rohde & Schwarz and MediaTek successfully verify 5G RedCap Rel. 17 connectivity

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Rohde & Schwarz has announced that MediaTek has successfully verified its 5G RedCap test platform with the R&S CMX500 signalling tester, enabling MediaTek to test, measure and verify its final products.

5G RedCap introduces true mid-tier, enhanced machine-type communication (eMTC) to the 5G ecosystem and is seen as playing a crucial role in helping to launch a new wave of devices that bridge the capability and complexity gap between earlier low-speed narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT) standards and today’s 5G with an optimised design for mid-tier use cases, such as sensors in industrial automation, smart cameras and wearables.

5G RedCap modems are less complex, use less spectrum bandwidth, consume much less power and work only in standalone (SA) mode, in contrast to 5G modems designed for eMBB use-cases.

Rohde & Schwarz has optimised the R&S CMX500 OBT for IoT testing and enhancements to the platform let MediaTek verify the various RedCap aspects defined in 3GPP 5G Rel.17 for network access restrictions, bandwidth parts (BWP), bandwidth part switching, power saving and other RedCap-specific protocol signalling procedures.

The R&S CMX500 wireless communication tester has a one-box tester configuration for best-in-class, future-proof testing of 5G NR. The R&S CMX500 supports all relevant 5G frequencies up to 8 GHz via the intuitive and flexible web-based user interface R&S CMsquares.

The signalling test solution is suitable for all 5G mobile devices and chipsets. The R&S CMX500 supports all possible 5G NR network deployments and frequency ranges, including the FR1, FR2 and LTE bands in a single instrument.

The R&S CMX500 has been developed to speeds up time to market while supporting a complete range of early R&D design stages, from RF parametric tests, end-to-end application testing, signalling protocol tests, type approval conformance tests up to sample production tests. The one-platform strategy for all 5G NR test equipment creates a unified environment for signalling and non-signalling testing through all 5G device production stages.

Dr. Ho-Chi Hwang, General Manager of Wireless Communication System and Partnerships at MediaTek, said, “Continuing our close collaboration with Rohde & Schwarz has enabled MediaTek to verify an important milestone towards the next era of 5G. MediaTek will bring the new capabilities of 5G RedCap into our next-gen product lines, and as one of the world’s largest 5G modem suppliers, this milestone gives our customers confidence in their strategic planning and innovation development.”