Affini cellular antenna targets 4G/LTE and 5G NR

Antenova, a manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules, has introduced the ‘Affini’, a flexible printed circuit (FPC) antenna for the LTE, 4G and 5G NR networks.

The antenna covers all main 4G bands plus 617-698MHz which offers 5G coverage and the popular Band 71.

The antenna measures 78mm x 17mm x 0.15mm, which is small, yet it is able to deliver high efficiency in tests. It has an I-PEX MHF1 connector, so it can be easily designed in and it is suitable for small devices that need to operate across wide areas.

Affini provides good indoor coverage on the lower frequencies because at around 600MHz RF signals can travel greater distances with good penetration of walls and buildings.

The applications for Affini will be in small devices operating on the 4G and 5G cellular networks and includes: telematics, OBD, cellular wi-fi hotspots, IOT, M2M, CCTV over 4G/5G, drones, Pico base stations and POS terminals.

The Affini antenna is physically small, plugs directly into a design and doesn’t need a ground plane, matching network or transmission line.

Affini is the latest in Antenova’s antenna portfolio which includes SMD and flexible antennas for cellular, ISM/LP-WAN, GNSS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.