20nm magnetic tunnel junctions claimed by MRAM developer

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Spin Transfer Technologies (STT) says it has created perpendicular MRAM magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) as small as 20nm at its development fab in California.

“Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been able to process more than 40 wafer lots, an achievement that likely would have taken more than three years without our on site R&D fab,” said Barry Hoberman, CEO. “In just four years, STT has taken the journey from incubation to commercialisation. We are excited to enter the next phase of the company’s evolution.”

The MTJ is the primary component of an MRAM memory cell and, according to STT, its orthogonal spin transfer (OST) technology has the potential to replace flash, SRAM and DRAM in a range of applications. Compared with conventional spin transfer MRAM approaches, it continues, OST-MRAM devices are expected to offer advantages in speed, power efficiency, cost, reliability and scalability.

Initial samples of STT’s MRAMs are targeted for non-volatile memory applications and the company says it is preparing evaluation boards to enable customers to fully explore the memory’s properties.