256Mbit MRAMs sampling; 1Gbit to come soon

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MRAM pioneer Everspin Technologies says it is shipping samples of a 256Mbit spin torque (ST-MRAM) based memory and claims these parts feature the highest density on any commercially available MRAM. It adds that it expects to sample a 1Gbit product based on its proprietary perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction (pMTJ) based MRAM later this year.

“We continue to bring the fastest non volatile products to our customers, expanding our offering with a high density 1Gbit DDR4 pMTJ ST-MRAM. This will provide new and innovative approaches to the way non-volatile memory solutions can be architected,” said Everspin CEO Phill LoPresti.

Everspin’s 256Mbit ST-MRAM with a DDR3 compatible interface is said to be the first such device produced using Globalfoundries’ 300mm manufacturing line. While initial samples will be based on in plane MTJ technology, volume production will be based on the pMTJ variant.

Everspin’s ST-MRAM is said to supports write speeds 100,000 times faster than NAND flash and to not require wear levelling. Low power operation is accompanied by instant on/off functionality.

Everspin will offer ST-MRAMs in discrete and NVDIMM formats. ST-MRAM based NVDIMMs are said to provide improved reliability by eliminating the need to data transfer from DRAM to NAND flash during power down. The company says the area typically occupied by an external power pack or additional capacitors can be used for increased storage capacity.