Investing for growth

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Anglia Components, the UK-based independent authorised distributor, has opened an expanded £2 million distribution and operations centre at its facility in Wisbech.

The move, according to John Bowman, Anglia’s Marketing Director, “Is intended to support our plan to grow the business from £100 million to an annual turnover of £150 million and beyond.”

This investment has allowed Anglia to expand into an adjoining building at its distribution and operations centre and has increased the floor area available to it to 70,000 sq. ft. from 40,000 sq.ft.

“The new facility expands the overall inventory storage space by 40% and is a key part of our strategy of investment, extending our levels of inventory and investing in our people,” Bowman added.

The company said that it was currently looking to recruit nearly 30 additional staff and in response to what is a highly competitive employment market it has made a number of significant enhancements to employee benefits across its entire business.

“These include, a shorter working week, loyalty bonuses, a comprehensive health plan, company life insurance, additional flexible leave for important family events and the opportunity for flexible salary access,” Bowman explained.

“Even though these measures reduce total working hours, all our staff will remain on the same remuneration,” he added.

The opening of the new distribution and operating centre was attended by Frank Wolinski, Regional Vice President of Channel Sales at STMicroelectronics. One of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers ST has worked closely with Anglia for nearly 25 years.

According to Anglia’s CEO Steve Rawlins, “Over the past two years Anglia has achieved a compound annual growth rate of over 25% and that despite the challenges in the economy and in the broader tech industry.

“We’ve proved our resilience in one of the most difficult markets any of us have experienced. This is because we hold one of the highest inventory levels relative to the size of the business in the industry – and were bold enough to invest further to support our customers through recent supply chain challenges.”

Anglia, which is now registered as a private public limited company (PLC), has a degree of independence that many of its international competitors might envy.

“Being private has enabled Anglia to scale up our distribution centre facility and to continue to increase our inventory levels as our business expands,” said Rawlins, “and our track record over the last couple of years has meant that customers are trusting us more than ever and look on us as a safe pair of hands. This is a reputation that we are committed to preserving as we grow further.”

Commenting on Anglia’s recruitment plans and new employee benefits, Rawlins said, “I aim to strengthen Anglia’s reputation as the employer of choice within the local area and in our industry as a whole, and to clearly recognise the commitment and loyalty of the staff that has brought us through the pandemic and the supply chain challenges in our industry. Half have been with the business 5 or more years, and nearly a quarter for over 20 years. To further foster and encourage that loyalty, and to bring in the best and brightest in the current employment market, we decided to introduce a package of new benefits for existing staff and new joiners alike.”

Wolinski said that the opening of the new building was a key milestone in Anglia’s history.

“Anglia has been our Demand Creation Distributor of the Year for two years running. They have a strong team which works exceptionally hard to develop opportunities with customers. The expanded facility in Wisbech means that they can continue to hold the levels of inventory needed to support customers once these projects go into production.”

Anglia has now passed its 50th anniversary milestone, having been set up back in 1972 by its original founder Bill Ingram and when it originally sold surplus transistors to the TV and radio repair trade.

In 1980 turnover surpassed £1m as the company shifted its focus to the UK electronics manufacturing industry and in 1984 it started to import components from the Far East and established its own brand Eurohm.

By 1994 turnover had topped £10m and the company had moved into its current site. Over the next ten years it started signing distribution agreements with the likes of Murata, ST and OMRON and in 2006 Steve Rawlins became CEO.

“In 2013 we launched anglialive, our e-commerce site, delivering live inventory, live pricing and online ordering for same day despatch,” said Bowman.

Looking to the future Rawlins said he was delighted to be able to announce Anglia’s plans for continued investment in its people, infrastructure and inventory.

“These investments will enable us to maintain our renowned exceptional service, value and partnerships, and provide our business with a solid platform for future growth,” he said.