Saving time is one of the main considerations when manufacturing parts in the electronics industry, as well as ensuring good quality and low costs. But it is also one of the most challenging aspects in terms of management. The standard process for getting custom parts manufactured can take several months with issues arising as early on as the provider search and quoting stage.

However, by using Xometry’s on-demand manufacturing marketplace, you can save lots of time and enjoy the convenience of ordering all your custom and serial parts from one place in just a few clicks. The process starts with an instant quote that you can obtain by uploading a CAD file to the Xometry platform. At this stage, you can select the most suitable options from 13 manufacturing technologies and over 70 materials. Xometry has built the largest global manufacturing network, with over 2,000 manufacturers in Europe and 5,000 manufacturers worldwide, meaning the production of your parts can start right after you have placed an order.

All technologies and capacities on one single platform

Xometry offers a wide range of manufacturing services online: CNC machining (turning, milling, and drilling), sheet metal fabrication (laser, plasma, and waterjet cutting), 3D printing (MJF, FDM, SLS, SLA, Carbon DLS, DLMS, and Polyjet), and injection moulding (injection moulding, insert moulding and overmoulding). You can also choose the required material for your projects from over 70 metal and plastic options. The Xometry team can help you select the most suitable technologies and materials to strengthen your parts and reduce production costs.

CNC machining and sheet metal for lightweight cases

CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication is often the most suitable option for producing high-quality and resistant cases for electronic devices. Aluminium alloys such as aluminium 3.2315 (Al-Si1Mg) pave the way for lighter parts.

FDM 3D printing for rapid prototyping

3D printing has many advantages when creating electronic products, such as flexibility and speed. Fused deposition modeling (FDM) is, for example, an ideal option for prototyping as it is one of the cheapest and fastest options for 3D printing. Since the build material is cheaper and widely available, FDM facilitates multiple design improvements and re-prototyping at a lower cost and also within a very short time frame. Xometry delivers FDM printed parts in as fast as 3 business days.

SLS and MJF 3D printing for large volumes and complex designs

In the case of a complex design, you should choose either selective laser sintering (SLS) or HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF). This is because these two 3D printing technologies do not need support structures and enable the production of very complex parts with internal components instead of printing multiple parts, which can often cause issues. In addition, the powdered material used in the MJF process is readily available and the technology itself is more suitable for larger volumes.

SLA and Carbon DSL 3D printing for a good surface finish

If the main requirement is a smooth surface finish or special properties like water resistance, you should opt for stereolithography (SLA) or Carbon DLS, as these two 3D printing technologies use photopolymerization resin materials. SLA and Carbon DLS are good for functional prototypes. In addition, they both facilitate the production of parts with a high level of precision and tight tolerances.

Injection moulding for high volume production

Injection moulding is known for its effectiveness in high volume production runs (1000+ parts per run), while still ensuring a very smooth surface finish.

Speed up the production process and save time

Xometry not only offers a wide selection of manufacturing technologies but also has the ability to make the manufacturing process from conception to delivery faster than ever thanks to its Instant Quoting Engine. Ordering parts has never been this simple:

  • Step 1 - Upload your CAD files on the secure platform
  • Step 2 - Select technologies, materials, and finishes
  • Step 3 - Get an instant quote online
  • Step 4 - Confirm your order

The system automatically evaluates the cost of the part based on its design and the selected options, which allows you to get a quote in just a few clicks. On top of this, you save precious time, as Xometry is in charge of the project management from start to finish.

Reliable partner for producing your electronic enclosures

Xometry has strong expertise in manufacturing parts for electronic applications and meets all requirements in terms of technology and materials. Examples of parts Xometry has already produced over the years include: high-quality cases for devices with a high level of detail that match with electronic components, drone parts, parts for sensors, switches, connectors, and chargers.

In addition, Xometry provides technical tips and online resources to guide you through the manufacturing process, such as technology overviews, design tips, material guides, and project cost reduction guidelines.