UK set to become a global Gaming hub

1 min read

In just a few years the UK’s gaming sector is forecast to become a global leader, worth in excess of £10bn.

Gaming has benefitted significantly from lockdown and has seen digital downloading increase by 67 per cent week-on-week, while physical game sales have jumped by over 200 per cent.

The UK now sits fifth in the list of the largest gaming markets in the world behind the likes of Japan, South Korea, China, and the USA.

The impact of mobile phones on the gaming industry has been profound and has helped to make gaming accessible to many more people – in fact by 2025, it is estimated nearly 2 billion people worldwide will be playing mobile games.

With the dramatic growth in gaming and in eSports there is now growing investment in cloud, mobile, streaming, big data, AI, wearables, AR and VR technologies, and today’s news that the US games giant Electronic Arts is looking to acquire Codemasters, the UK software developer, highlights why the gaming sector is seen as being the most ‘expansive in the entertainment industry’.

For once, the UK looks well placed to become one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to gaming development.