Nvidia remains upbeat

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Earlier this week Nvidia said that it expected current-quarter revenue would be above analysts' estimates, helped by strong demand for data centres.

Nvidia forecast first-quarter revenues of over $8 billion, compared with analysts' estimates of $7.2 billion, with data centre revenues expected to be ahead by 71%.

According to Chief Executive Jensen Huang despite the surge in revenues the business was still being constrained by supply issue but that he expected that to improve.

Revenue is surging for companies like Nvidia as the ‘metaverse’ develops and the need for graphic and artificial intelligence chips grows.

Nvidia said that fourth-quarter revenues of $7.64 billion, were a record, compared with estimates of $7.42 billion.

These are certainly strong results and will overshadow the collapse of the deal with Softbank to buy Arm due to regulatory hurdles.

According to Huang Nvidia is going to still move ahead in using the Arm architecture in its products. It is a licensee of the technology, and Nvidia wants to be able to make Arm-based CPUs to complement its graphics processors.

"We're just thrilled that Arm is now growing into robotics and autonomous vehicles and cloud computing and super-computing," said Huang. "In all these different applications, we intend to bring the full spectrum of Nvidia's accelerated computing platform to Nvidia Arm CPUs."

Just imagine how ‘thrilled’ he would have been had Nvidia’s bid for Arm succeeded.