The future is bright with PMVA Displays from GTK

Passive Matrix Vertical Alignment (PMVA) displays offer the performance and look of TFT displays, but are lower in cost , have a simpler interface and are easier to programme, reducing time to market for new product launches.

A key feature of PMVA display technology is the very black contrast. Displays typically come with a white LED backlight with alternative colours on request. Dependent on the PMVA module, colours can also be added using silk screen printing or by using an LED array, which offers greater flexibility in terms of backlit colour combinations. PMVA technology has a high contrast ratio, good all-round viewing angles and can be operated in temperatures ranging from -100C to +800C, making it applicable for a broad range of applications, including automotive, energy monitors, industrial electronics, medical equipment, audio and broadcast equipment

GTK can supply PMVA displays in a variety of formats. Both the segment-and-icon and graphic versions are fully customisable, highly readable displays. Both modules have an MTBF of 100k hours,and interface with the PCB via pins or flexible printed circuits (FPC).

GTK will soon be launching a hybrid PMVA module that combines the fixed placement graphic element of segment and icon technology with the flexibility of graphic modules, providing OEMs with a greater level of design capability that is very cost-effective.

GTK offers an extensive range of display products offering different features and functionality. The product portfolio comprises both standard and custom modules with a wide range of customisation options including custom backlights, flexible printed circuits, optical bonding ,capacitive touchscreens and all round viewing angles

If you are not sure which display product is right for you why not download our Optoelectronics Design Guide which provides valuable information on how to select the right display for new product applications. If you have an immediate project you are working on why not call us on 01256 400038 or email us at and we will be happy to talk through your requirements.