Rugged and high performance TFT displays with optical bonding from GTK

GTK offers TFT displays with optical bonding for enhanced performance for indoor and outdoor applications.

The optical bonding process involves adhering a film or liquid adhesive between the display and a layer of plastic, glass or a touchscreen. This enhances the contrast ratio and display readability in bright sunlight.

The properties of the adhesive deliver a number of optical and physical benefits to a display’s performance, including:

  • Direct sunlight readability – 500-600 cd (candela)
  • Improved contrast and brightness
  • Improved impact resistance
  • Prevention of moisture ingress

All of these factors make this an ideal display technology for use in harsh environments or outdoor applications.

The displays are available for TFT sizes ranging from 2.4” to 10.1”, and connectivity is provided via an FFC interface.

GTK offers an extensive range of display products that offer different features and functionality. The product portfolio comprises both standard and custom modules and the company offers a wide range of customisation options, including custom backlights, flexible printed circuits, optical bonding and capacitive touch screens. Over 95% of GTK customers require custom products and our technical experts can provide guidance on the most appropriate display technology for specific applications, and customisation options to ensure that they meet customers’ unique requirements.

If you are not sure which display product is right for you, why not download our Optoelectronics Design Guide which provides valuable information on how to select the right display for new product applications. If you have an immediate project you are working on why not call us on 01256 400038 or email us at and we will be happy to talk through your requirements.