M12 products from METZ CONNECT: Complete range for industrial applications

Over the last few years, METZ CONNECT has been consistently expanding its range of industrial Ethernet products. It now offers a full range of X- and D-coded products that comply with the M12 standard.

M12 has now become the key standard for data transfer in control and automation equipment, particularly in the field of industrial automation. While RJ45 is still used in electrical cabinets and distribution boards, the growing use of the Ethernet in industry has opened up a number of applications for robust, secure M12 connectors. Ethernet M12 is the solutions for railway applications. Especially on the train, there are more and more needs for higher transmission rates in applications as passenger infotainment and entertainment or camera security systems. This need is also used in stations for information boards or camera observation. All this depends on reliable connection systems and METZ CONNECT stands out by its complete range for a maximum system of compatibility and continuity.

The male and female M12 screw connectors provide a secure, reliable connection even in harsh environments. Therefore, METZ CONNECT has continued to extend its M12 portfolio for a future-proof and high-performance cabling in communication systems and automation networks. The range includes X- and D-coded solderable or field assembly jacks and plugs, cables (straight and angled variants in different lengths), PC board inserts, cable connectors and blank plugs. The shielded X-coded M12 PC board jacks as straight version or angled by 90° (with IP67 in mated and unmated condition) are particularly suited to be used in automation or control systems. The jacks are available for housing walls with a thickness of 2.5, 4 and 5 mm and in shielded or unshielded sets. To connect the M12 cabling to the typically RJ45 environment in electrical cabinets METZ CONNECT also offers X-coded panel feed through adapters M12 to RJ45 in a straight or angled version.

Robust and secure

The X-coded 4-pair M12 connectors are suitable for data transfer speeds up to 10 GBit (Cat. 6A with a bandwidth of up to 500 MHz). This would, for example, be sufficient to handle the flood of data from a surveillance camera. The connectors are particularly suitable for industrial applications because of their high levels of mechanical and electrical stability and their robust zinc die-cast housing, which provides 360o shielding. When plugged in, M12 connectors from METZ CONNECT are resistant to dirt and humidity up to the IP67 standard. The sealed X- and D-coded circuit board jacks are also resistant up to IP67, even when they are not plugged in.

Flexible and reliable

Even the most secure connections can occasionally be affected by installation errors or operational glitches. This is why METZ CONNECT has equipped its KAPRi cable and installation tester with an extension set. Now, not only RJ45 connectors but also X and D-coded M12 connectors can also be tested for installation errors such as split pairs, loose connections, short circuits and external voltage.

The METZ CONNECT M12 range (and particularly its X-coded variants) offers a multitude of products for all kinds of operations and installations to ensure secure, reliable data transfer in automation and control networks.