Applications for the growing use of the Ethernet

METZ CONNECT has expanded its range for industrial Ethernet applications with the X- and D-coded products that comply with the M12 standard.

M12 has now become a key standard for data transfer in control and automation equipment, particularly in the industrial automation field. While RJ45 is still used in electrical cabinets and distribution boards, the growing use of Ethernet communication within industry has opened up an increasing number of applications for robust, reliable, and secure connections. The rail industry has been quick to adopt the M12 X-Code connector, which offers data transmission rates of up to 10Gbit/s, as the data communication connector of choice. With the growing expectation of passenger Wi-Fi, improved passenger information systems and CCTV, the M12 X-Code connector has the capacity to meet not only today’s requirements but also act as a future proof solution. All of these applications depend on reliable connection systems, which is why METZ CONNECT offers a complete range for maximum system compatibility and continuity from the PCB to the infrastructural environment.

Robust and secure
The X-coded 4-pair M12 connectors are suitable for data transfer speeds up to 10Gbit/s (IEEE.802.3an, Cat. 6A, up to 500MHz). They also offer remote powering options with PoE, PoE+ and UPoE). The D-coded 2-pair M12 field plug offers data transfer of up to 100Mbit/s and is therefore suited to PROFINET and EtherNet I/P applications. The connectors are suitable for industrial applications because of their high levels of mechanical and electrical stability and their zinc die-cast housing, which provides 360° shielding. These products are also quick and easy to install as there is no requirement for a crimp or solder process when connecting these products using IDC technology. In connected form (when connected?), the M12 connectors are resistant to dirt and humidity up to the IP67 standard. The latest additions to the M12 range are the sealed X-Coded circuit board jacks which offer an IP67 rating in unmated form. METZ CONNECT has a wide range of straight and angled cables in different lengths suitable for these plugs and jacks.

Flexible and reliable
In order to make testing quick and easy for M12 installation – METZ CONNECT now offers the KAPRi cable and installation tester with an extension set to check for installation errors such as split pairs, loose connections, short circuits and external voltage.

The M12 range –and particularly its X-coded variants – offers a multitude of products for all kinds of operations and installations to ensure secure, reliable data transfer in automation and control networks.