Breaking Boundaries: Innovations in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Technologies

Every year, a new array of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi standards, protocols, profiles, and features are introduced. While this leads to a dynamic environment with considerable flexibility, many of these additions can be confusing or may even go unnoticed.

One such feature that was recently released to significant anticipation is Auracast, a Bluetooth Low Energy audio offering. Another feature that has been gaining traction in the industrial IoT space is Wi-Fi mesh networking. When developing a new product, developers already face considerable strain without the added challenge of keeping up with these continuous changes to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This is where a trusted partner can be invaluable for implementing these technologies while keeping product development schedules on track.

Clarinox Technologies stands at the forefront as a pioneering leader in embedded software solutions and development tools for wireless connectivity. The Clarinox wireless ecosystem is driven by ClarinoxBlue and ClarinoxWiFi, which are cutting-edge protocol stacks for Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Wi-Fi. These comprehensive stacks are routinely updated and maintained to incorporate the latest advancements, such as Auracast and Wi-Fi mesh networking. With the Clarinox SoftFrame abstraction layer, integrating these technologies onto many platforms using any RTOS, MCU, or wireless chipset combination becomes a significantly smoother process.

To ensure seamless functionality, the Clarinox ecosystem is bolstered by the ClariFi tool, a pivotal component that provides critical debugging functions, including protocol analysis and automated testing. This ecosystem allows developers to concentrate on product innovation while Clarinox focuses on enabling robust wireless connectivity, thus keeping production schedules on time and within budget.

To see demos of both Auracast and Wi-Fi mesh, come visit us at Embedded World 2024 in Hall 4 Booth 4-654. To see a list of all the solutions Clarinox provides, check out the full range here.