AAEON Artificial Intelligence solutions for industrial applications

The scope of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to revolutionise industrial processes and applications is significant. Artificial intelligence based systems have the potential to transform the way many industries function and operate.

Embedded systems and display solutions provider, Review Display Systems (RDS) has announced the availability of a range of AAEON Boxer PCs that can be configured using artificial intelligence-based hardware and software for applications such as factory automation, facilities management, smart factories, vision systems, maintenance prediction and robotics.

What benefits can artificial intelligence provide in future industrial designs and systems?

Process automation

AI solutions can automate various industrial processes, such as data entry, scheduling, and inventory management. By automating these tasks, AI can free up workers' time for more complex tasks and improve overall efficiency. For example, in the healthcare industry, AI can automate medical records management, reducing errors and improving patient care.

Quality control

AI solutions can also improve quality control in industrial applications. By analysing data from sensors and cameras, AI algorithms can detect defects and anomalies in products, allowing industries to identify and rectify issues quickly. AI can monitor production lines for contamination or irregularities, ensuring that products meet quality standards.

Predictive maintenance

A significant benefit of AI solutions is predictive maintenance. By analysing data from sensors and equipment, AI algorithms can identify potential failures before they occur, enabling industries to perform preventive maintenance and hence reduce downtime.

Supply chain optimisation

Optimisation of supply chain management by analysing data on inventory levels, delivery schedules, and supplier performance can also be enabled by AI solutions. By identifying areas of potential improvement in the supply chain, industry can reduce costs, enhance delivery times, and provide an improved customer experience.

Energy management

AI solutions also offer the ability to optimise energy consumption in industrial applications. Analysing data on energy usage, AI algorithms can identify areas of inefficiency and suggest ways to reduce energy use. AI can monitor energy usage and identify opportunities for adjusting temperature settings, optimising lighting schedules and improving insulation.

Safety monitoring

By analysing data from sensors and cameras to detect potential hazards, AI solutions can improve safety monitoring in industrial environments. AI can analyse and monitor worker movements and to identify and recognise potential safety risks thereby allowing industries to implement preventive measures.


AI solutions can also help drive innovation in industrial applications by identifying new opportunities for growth and improvement. By analysing data on market trends, consumer preferences, and technological advancements, AI algorithms can suggest new products or services that can help industries remain competitive. AI can monitor system usage behaviours and suggest new and improved features for equipment and appliances.

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AAEON Artificial Intelligence solutions for industrial applications