Spring clamp terminal blocks with compression-mount contacts – Innovative PC board connection solutions

METZ CONNECT has developed a spring clamp terminal block with compression-mount contacts that is ideally suited for compact, low profile devices for building automation applications.

In the race to stay ahead of the competition, demand for smaller devices as well as additional functionality continues to grow. Within the Building Automation market, new product design trends focus on integration, migration, miniaturisation, and of course, reliability.As a result, the available space on the PC board for components becomes increasingly limited. METZ CONNECT provides ideal solutions for innovative PC board connections to meet these requirements.

The spring clamp terminal block with compression-mount contacts by METZ CONNECT is ideally suited for compact, low profile wall-mount devices. SC303/SC305 features a clip in foot system that enables it you fit directly to a wall mount chassis plate.The Self-cleaning spring compression contacts establish a direct contact to the PC board.

This integrated contact system of the terminal block provides advantages in design compared to the usual pluggable spring clamp terminal blocks – they allow wall-mounted devices to be designed with lower height. A header is no longer required, resulting in cost benefits due to component reduction.

Furthermore, preparing PC Boards is no longer necessary – as a result, the opposite side of the PC board offers additional space for more electronic components. This presents opportunities to further reduce the size of the PC board and thus the overall size of the device itself.

The push-in system makes for quick and easy conductor connections. The spring contact adapts automatically to the conductor, which guarantees a reliable connection and requires no readjustment of the terminal block (maintenance-free).

The spring clamp terminal blocks with compression-mount contacts are available in 2 to 12 poles, with 3.5 and 5.00mm pitches and as pluggable (SC305 / SC303) and solderable (SL305 / SL303) version. The direction of wire connection is 90°.

Benefits Overview

• Connection convenience through push-in technology

• No additional component necessary (e.g. pin header or female connector) => cost benefits

• Simple mounting through the elimination of plug-in and pull-out forces

• The small height of the compression-mount contacts allows a flatter design ot the devices to be achieved

• Available in pluggable and solderable versions

• Connection direction 90°

• Single-wire cable range 0.08-1.5mm2

• Nominal current 4A

Push-In technology

Push-In – contact directly and in an easy way without tools. Special spring clamps enable a simple plug-in in assure with a high contact quality. Easy and direct insertion of solid and stranded conductors featuring ferrules and a push-button for wire release.

Colour options

The terminal blocks can be ordered in different colours and if required, vary the colours for each individual pole. This is helpful in facilitating quick and easy wiring installations.