Spring clamp terminal blocks with compression-mount contacts – Connect to the PCB without pin headers.

In the race to stay ahead of the competition, demand for smaller devices as well as additional functionality continues to grow. Within the Building Automation market, new product design trends focus on integration, migration, miniaturisation and reliability. As a result, the available space on the PC board for components becomes more and more limited. METZ CONNECT provides innovative solutions for PC board connection to meet these requirements.

The new SC305 and SL305 spring clamp terminal blocks with compression-mount contacts by METZ CONNECT are designed for use in compact, sandwich-type wall- or flush-mounted devices such as Heating Control Units, Door Entry devices, and emergency call points.

The PCB contact system is integrated into the terminal block by means of a spring compression contact that makes a direct connection to the PC board pad.This one part solution eliminates the need for the mating pin header which is traditionally used in “two part pluggable solutions”. By removing the requirement for a PCB mount pin header, especially a through hole type pin header solution, SC305 and SL305 helps create space on both the backside and frontside of the PCB for other components. As well as creating space on the PCB, further cost savings and efficiencies can be made through component reduction and the related processing costs such as procurement, storage, handling, production, and assembly.

The spring clamp terminal blocks with compression-mount contacts are also available in centrelines of 5,00 mm and in 3,50 mm as well as in solderable versions for board-to-board applications.

Benefits overview

• Connection convenience through push-in technology

• No additional component necessary (e.g. pin header or female connector) => cost benefits

• Contact is made directly on to a PCB pad contact making drilling for through-hole contacts on the PC board unnecessary. This allows the second side of the PC board to be used for further electronic components

• The low profile of the compression contacts enables flatter design of devices to be achieved.

Self-cleaning contacts maintain a safe connection between connector and PCB.

• Simple mounting / assembly process through the elimination of plug-in and pull-out forces

• High retention force of the conductor under vibration offers maintenance-free connectivity

• No solder process is necessary for wire-to-board Applications

Compression-mount technology

Compression-mount technology provides a means of establishing a permanent contact between a terminal block and the PCB with one component.The spring loaded compression contacts of the terminal block maintain a permanent contact on the PC board pad and thus securely establishes the electrical contact. The contact pad of the PC board can be coated with different materials depending on the product specifications, application, and environment. Common examples are tin (Sn) or gold (Au), however opportunities for individual customer specific contact materials specifications also exist.

Printing options

METZ CONNECT offers individual pole printing options for your terminal blocks in Ink-jet printing, pad printing and hot stamping methods.

Colour options

METZ CONNECT also offers additional visual coding opportunities by moulding in different basic colours.Due to the construction of SC305 and SL305 it is possible to offer a connector in one single colour or with individual pole colours.