XENSIV tyre pressure sensor comes with intelligent features

Infineon Technologies has employed its glass-silicon-glass MEMS sensor technology in its latest XENSIV SP49 tyre pressure monitoring sensor.

The sensor integrates MEMS sensors and ASIC and provides smart tyre features that enable advanced tire pressure monitoring systems. It features a powerful 32-bit Arm M0+ core, a large flash memory and RAM, Low Power Monitoring (LPM), and optimised fast acceleration sensing.

The SP49 is suited for intelligent tyre functions such as on-tyre auto-position sensing, tyre inflation assistance, tyre blowout detection, and load detection.

The SP49 is a pin-to-pin replacement for Infineon's last generation SP40 TPMS products. With its hardware master/slave I²C interface and software simulated UART, SPI and PWM interfaces, the SP49 is suitable for sub-1GHz and scalable for BLE TPMS.

Available at ASIL-A, the sensor offers a high level of integration and is optimised to perform all functions required to implement a modern TPMS module. With its integrated microcontroller, sensors and convenient peripherals, the SP49 requires only a few passive components to form a complete TPMS sensor unit. The device is designed for low power consumption and is intended for battery-powered applications.

In addition to the ability to generate a wake-up from the integrated interval timer, the SP49 products are suitable for stand-alone remote pressure sensing solutions that require low power consumption. In these applications, the LF receiver with wake-up capability and best-in-class sensitivity enables on-demand measurements.