World’s smallest Bluetooth low energy module

With a package size of 6.5mm x 6.5mm x 1.4mm and requiring just 51mm2 of PCB area, Solid State Supplies claims it has created the world’s smallest Bluetooth low energy, system in package (SiP) module.

The BGM11S Blue Gecko SiP is a ‘complete’ Bluetooth subsystem and includes on-board radio transceiver, antenna, serial interfaces, core processor, memory, clock management, I/O, timers, triggers, hardware security and power management.

Based on a 32-bit 38.4 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor with 256kB of flash program memory and 32kB of RAM data memory integrated, the device is said to consume just 8.7 mA when operating and 2.5μA in deep sleep mode.

The BGM11S is Bluetooth 4.2 compliant and compatible with Bluetooth 5 advertising, as well as being Bluetooth mesh capable.

The integrated antenna offers up to +8 dBm transmit power and -90 dBm receive sensitivity.

Solid State Supplies says that the inbuilt metal shield will enable full modular certification for worldwide regulatory compliance, allowing end products to be certified with minimal effort.