Blue Gecko module simplifies Bluetooth smart design

Silicon Labs has introduced an integrated, pre-certified Bluetooth Smart module solution claimed to simplify design and provide low-power wireless connectivity for IoT applications. The BGM111 module is the first in a family of advanced Blue Gecko modules said to deliver best-in-class integration, flexibility, energy efficiency and toolchain support with a migration path to Blue Gecko SoC solutions.

Based on Silicon Labs' Blue Gecko wireless SoCs, the BGM111 modules help developers reduce costs and regulatory compliance effort by providing a plug-and-play Bluetooth Smart design. The modules are pre-loaded with the Bluegiga Bluetooth 4.1-compliant software stack and profiles and are field-upgradable using device firmware upgrades to Bluetooth 4.2 and beyond.

The BGM111 modules feature 256kByte flash and 32kByte RAM, providing sufficient memory for onboard applications. The SoC's built-in hardware cryptographic accelerator is claimed to offer the assurance of a future-proof roadmap for evolving security requirements.

The module's low power operation enables Bluetooth Smart systems to be powered from a standard 3V coin cell battery or two AAA batteries. The SoC's integrated ARM Cortex-M4 processor-based MCU consumes 59µA/MHz in run mode and 1.7µA down to 200nA in sleep mode. The SoC's on-chip Bluetooth Smart transceiver consumes 7.5mA in peak receive mode and 8.2mA at 0dBm in peak transmit mode. The transceiver's transmit power is configurable up to +8dBm and supports line-of-sight RF range of up to 200m.