Insight SiP unveils Bluetooth Low Energy module

Insight SIP has released a Bluetooth Low Energy module. The ISP1507 is one of the smallest modules on the market at only 8 x 8 mm in x/y dimensions, with a thickness of less than 1mm (typ. 0.95 mm).

The module integrates the WLCSP nRF52832-CIAA chip from Nordic Semiconductor - offering a 32 bits ARM Cortex M4 CPU with floating point processor, 512 kB flash memory, analogue and digital peripherals SPI, I2C and GPIO.

Combined with its integrated 32 MHz / 32 Khz crystals, RF antenna and matching circuit and DC-DC convertor, this module forms a standalone Bluetooth Low Energy node.

This module also incorporates NFC type-2 tag functionality (external antenna required), enabling easy “touch-to-pair” functionality.

With a large memory capacity and powerful processor, the module can be used as the hub for more sophisticated applications, and in many cases could be used to replace additional microcontrollers required in previous generations of BLE products.

Power consumption is typically 5.5 mA for transmission, and reception, 1.5 µA for standby mode and 0.7 µA for deep sleep mode. Transmission output power reaches +4 dBm and reception sensitivity is -96 dBm.