Ultra-miniature connector from Fischer

Fischer Connectors has launched a new ultra-miniature connector, MiniMax 06, extending the company’s miniature high-density product range, the MiniMax Series.

The MiniMax 06 connector can include up to 12 power and signal contacts in a footprint of 10 mm. This corresponds to a density factor of 0.83 which, according to the company, is a unique technological feature for a connector with standard 0.5 mm contacts. The connector also includes a new configuration with 2 signal and 2 high-power 1.3 mm contacts for applications that require 10 Amps or more power, this is double the standard 5 Amps current rating of the existing MiniMax product line.

The connector is also available as a pre-cabled solution, making it suitable for handheld or body-worn applications where space is particularly limited e.g. defence & security, instrumentation, testing equipment, civil or military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Tested for high-speed protocols such as HDMI and data transfer up to 10Gb/s, the series is able to address the growing market need for higher data transmission rates.

According to Wim Vanheertum, MiniMax Product Manager at Fischer Connectors, “This product proves that miniaturisation in connectivity can be successfully implemented in rugged high-density connectivity solutions that combine power and signal. We’ve extended the MiniMax Series to address application engineers’ need to increase the performance of their miniature rugged devices.” He continued, “Handling more mixed signal and power connections in a combination of multiple contacts also means increasing flexibility in meeting specific design challenges in miniaturisation.”

The Fischer MiniMax Series connectors and cable assembly solutions enable design engineers to save up to 45% in space and to reduce weight by up to 75% when compared to standard connectors with a similar contact size currently on the market.

These connectors are rugged, with IP68 sealing (2m/24h), both mated and unmated, an unbreakable keying system, and over-molded cable assemblies. Available in three locking systems (push-pull, screw and quick-release), they are easy to connect and disconnect up to 5,000 times.

With this new smaller version, the Fischer MiniMax Series now comes in two sizes, 06 and 08, with receptacles of 10 mm and 12 mm footprint respectively. Configurations range from 4 to 24 contacts.